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How to use this data-mining interface
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This interface is used to select a gene set of interest by sequentially "filtering" through the entire Anopheles gambiae genome to isolate genes that meet the submitted criteria.

The first filter is applied to the entire genome to select a "gene set" comprised of all genes that meet the desired criteria. Each subsequent filter is applied to the displayed gene set in an overlapping, further restrictive fashion. There is no limit on the number of filters that may be applied.

A filter can be based on four criterion: (1) stage filters: stage-specific transcription, (2) tissue filters: tissue-specific transcription, (3) sequence filters: DNA sequences in control elements or presence of transcription factor binding sites in promoter regions, and (4) keywords: keywords from functional gene annotation.

The user can input each filter in a stepwise manner (e.g. submit a stage-specific transcription filter first, then subsequently submit an additional keyword filter) or can enter several criterion at once (e.g. select both a stage-specific transcriptional filter and keyword filter and submit these together).

Suppose we would like to determine what genes are highly expressed in the mosquito's ovaries 24 hours after a bloodmeal. If we break this down, we are interested in genes that meet two criterion: (1) stage-specific: up-regulation 24 hours after a bloodmeal, and (2) tissue-specific: preferential expression in the ovaries.

First, we must choose a threshold to define what we mean by "highly expressed". For this example, we will choose the fairly stringent cut-off of 10-fold greater expression for both the stage- and tissue-specific filters. Three separate filters will allow us to arrive at the gene set of interest: (1) up-regulated stage expression at 24 hours as compared to expression at 3 hours, (2) higher expression in the ovaries compared to the fat bodies, and (3) higher expression in the ovaries compared to the midgut. We can fit these three filters into two queries, as follows:

Step 1

Step 2

Profile of one of these 47 gene matches (ENSANGP00000015742)