Import a gene set into the data-mining interface for focused study by choosing a pre-defined gene set using the pull-down menu or by entering a list of gene identifiers in the text field. Details about pre-defined gene sets are included below along with a form for submitting your own gene set for listing here.

Please note that this function acts to build specific gene clusters for further investigation and does not involve the addition of any sort of new data to the database. If you are interested in submitting new Affymetrix microarray data, please see the Submit study link.

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Gene set Author Number of genes Details
1 nitrogen metabolism angaged 3 Arca, B., Lombardo, F., Valenzuela, J.G., Francischetti, I.M.B., Marinotti, O., Coluzzi, M., Ribeiro, J.M.C. An updated catalogue of salivary gland transcripts in the adult female mosquito, Anopheles gambiae. J Exp Biol 2005 208: 3971-3986.
2 p450 angaged 99 genes containing keyword 'p450' in functional annotation.
3 dd dongdong wu 10589 dfdf